ABC Mosaic Mural 
Kindergarten students work with artist Antonia Munroe to create a colorful and tactile mural of the alphabet.  The mural installation is used as a resource for teaching the ABC's to wondrous kindergarteners!

The Children’s Way 
3rd graders incorporating local history, worked together to create 10 large mosaic tiles that become a permanent display at RES West.

Poetry and the Art of Book Making
PMAG – Calligraphy, bookmaking and poetry merged as artists helped students put together a finished work of their own creation, in every way.

Musical production of Energy Concepts 
4th Grade – Artist Willy Claflin guided students in the creation of a performance at the Strom, demonstrating their scientific knowledge of energy.

Youth Arts Hats Res. March 20042004-03-16_002.jpg
Healthy Choices 
3rd-5th health classes see John Burstein (Slim Goodbody) in action at the Strom.  Then 4th graders work with “Slim” to write and record their own songs on healthy lifestyle choices which culminated in a CD “Body Boogie”.

My Full Spectrum 
5th graders worked with Daniel Sklar in playmaking workshops.  The students’ finished plays were performed by local actors and educators.  The students learned about literature, character development, theater and language uses.

Timeline Tiles of the 20th Century 
6th Grade – important events of the 20th century are depicted in students’ colorful and unique relief tiles.“

Physical Education 
9th-12th grades. –Introduction of various sports disciplines that are creative as opposed to competitive.  A wide variety of artists guided students in sports dance choreography, martial arts disciplines, yoga and tai chi.

Youth Arts also helped to sponsor a series of choral workshops at the high school with Gordon Bok.  This culminated in an evening performance with Mr. Bok and all the high school choral groups.