Feathers, Fur and Scales - Using real animal textures (feathers, fur, scales, etc.) to create a mural or mosaic.

1st Grade
Fairy Stories and Theater - Exposing students to theater art forms and storytelling techniques, so they can act out whimsical and magical stories.

2nd Grade
Native Clay into Art - Creating a piece of art, using local clay.

3rd Grade
Images of Nature - printmaking, using materials from nature.

4th Grade
Dramatic Weather -  drama presentations integrating meteorology and weather reporting.

5th Grade
Nature’s Notes - Students will write and perform songs using the scientific concepts of how organisms react/interact in nature. They will use instruments made of natural objects for accompaniment.


6th Grade 
 Making Connections with Baskets - integrating math, science, history and storytelling.

7th Grade 
Rural Maine arts of the 19th-20th century - how Maine’s natural resources determined the arts and crafts of the times. Students will explore, felting, stenciling, fly tying, fly casting, knitting and spinning.

9th - 12th Grade
Sound Bytes - The theme of these students’ computer-written works would be “The Nature of Art” and incorporate, or be modeled from, sounds of nature.