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Discovers their place in the world through art and writing.

1st Grade
Experiences the Rainforest with music drama and mask-making.

2nd Grade
Discovers the art of making puppets.

3rd Grade
Paints a mural to depict the history of Camden and Rockport.

4th Grade
Enjoys a week of African Drumming.


5th Grade 
Makes a permanent clay mural while studying the global impact on the Gulf of Maine.

6th Grade 
Immersed in Japanese culture through art.

5th – 8th Grades 
Exposed to the culture and rhythm of Africa through drumming.

Youth Arts also supported the following programs
6th grade writing workshop with local author.
Seed money for middle school musical review -song writing workshop for middle school music class.

K-4th grade enjoyed Indian folk musicians.
5th -8th grade were treated to Tap Kids at the Camden Opera House.