PMAG and Kindergarten
Theater Performances and Workshops.

1st Grade
Celebration of the Rainforest Mask Making and Storytelling Through Movement.


2nd Grade
African Dance, Mask Making & Storytelling.

3rd Grade
Student Theatrical Production "My Home by the Sea" .

4th Grade
Steel Drumming Workshops, Student Steel Drumming Performance, Planet Pan Performance.

3rd - 4th Grades
Student Theatrical Production A Fairy Tale Tale.

5th Grade
Colonial  Studies Embroidery.

5th  8th Grades
Irish Christmas in America performance in Camden Opera House
Maine Steiners Workshops and Performances.

6th Grade
Writing - Putting Voice in Non-Fiction.

8th Grade
Authoring and Illustrating Children's Science Books, Including Sharing Completed work with K-4 Students.

9th - 12th Grades
Art Residencies Including Clay, Painting, and 3D Design.  Latin Dance.