Enjoyed telling stories through movement.

Was exposed to Native American culture & craft.

1st Grade
Used the puppets they made to act out fairy tales.

2nd Grade
Made Mexican food and had a fiesta.

3rd Grade
Created piñatas and celebrated Cinco de Mayo.

4th Grade
Is exposed to the culture and rhythm of Africa through drumming.

5th Grade
Discovers their surroundings through digital photography Experiences colonial times through embroidery.

6th Grade
Creates a permanent mural depicting life of a 6th grader.

7th Grade
Worked with instrument maker to make xylophones to be used in the music department.

8th Grade
Had a fiction writing residency with a local author.

9th – 12th Grades
Created beautiful scenery for the annual musical Experienced various dancing styles throughout the school year.

Youth Arts also supported
Production of “Our Home by the Sea” with Scott Dyer.

K-3rd  Paperbag Players at the Camden Opera House.
4th-8th Inca Son
8th-12th Break